The Book Publication scheme

Shalandi Books, the publication division of intends to publish some quality books under the following scheme.


Books will be published under Print on Demand(POD) scheme.

The published books will be distributed throgh selected Book shops and online stores like Amazon, Flipkart & etc.

The author has to submit the manuscript in prescribed format (Pagemaker file with Akruti font) for consideration /publication.

The cover design is to be arranged by the Author or he has to bear the cost.

The cost of page designing/setting to be borne by the Author.

There is no other expenses to be borne by the Author.

The Author will be provided with 5 number of books as complimentary copy.

The Author can purchase any number of Books with 30% discount from the Publisher. (One month time is required for procurement)

The Author will be paid royality @ 10% on books sold by the Publisher(except books purchased by the Author, as mentioned in the above clause).

Priority for publication will be the quality of the manuscript, The manuscript will be evaluated by an Expert Committee appointed by the publisher. The decision of the Committee is final and binding.

However priority will be given to these manuscripts;

1. Translated works from Odia to English and/or Hindi.

2. Translated works from other languages to Odia.

3. Original Novels in Odia.


If you find the scheme beneficial and trustworthy, you are free to take up with us for publication of your manuscript under the scheme. Please send your proposal to