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Michha Rastara Sata

Book Author:Satya Misra

Book Category: Short Stories/ Fiction

Publisher: Dhauli Books

Book type: Paperback

Language: Odia

Year of publication: 2019

No. of pages: 210

Book Price: ₹ 295.00 ₹ 265.50

Discount: 10% You saved: ₹29.50

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Product Details

Michha Raastara Sata (Truth of the Fake Road) packs twenty acclaimed short stories of the famed story-teller. The stories are hard hitting as well as charming, urging the reader to devour again and again. Narratives are firmly rooted in daily lives of average individuals, exploring bliss and agony of human lives. The deftness with which the writer has handled unusual themes like memory, amnesia and absentmindedness get juxtaposed with other themes like love, lust, loss and even desire for self-annihilation. The near total absence of negative characters establishes the author’s deep faith on human values, although shenanigans of some characters may still draw chuckles from readers. Every story grips the reader from beginning to end, often delivering sharp twists.   Plots, characters and presentation give a  propulsive energy to this memorable collection of short fiction.